E-mail Marketing Zahlen

Email campaign success metrics. Comparison and evaluation of standalone campaigns from different industries with click-through rate as well as the opening rate of the HTML versions.

Premium Standalone Newsletter

We target exclusive premium addresses selected based on their reaction measurement. This means that we choose contacts who have performed best in similar campaigns, as well as their interests and typical reader characteristics according to our media data. These addresses are subscribers to editorially curated newsletters and are obtained through confirmed opt-in or double-opt-in. The standalone newsletter is sent as a „special newsletter“ from a familiar newsletter sender with a recognizable header and footer, ensuring high acceptance and recognition among readers.

E-mail Marketing Newsletter

Premium Standalone Newsletter

We select individual email addresses based on demographic data, such as age, gender, postal code, country, provider, and postal address. These addresses are generated through portals and surveys and are obtained through double-opt-in. Premium Standalone Newsletters are an effective way to reach a highly targeted audience with a personalized approach. By selecting premium addresses, we ensure that your message is delivered to those who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Our reaction measurement system allows us to track the performance of similar campaigns and select the best-performing contacts for your campaign. This ensures that your message is delivered to an engaged and responsive audience.

Selection Standalone Newsletter

On the other hand, Selection Standalone Newsletters allow us to select individual email addresses based on specific demographic data. By doing so, we can ensure that your message is delivered to a highly relevant audience. These addresses are generated through portals and surveys, ensuring that they are interested in receiving your message. This method allows for a more granular approach to your campaign, ensuring that your message is delivered to those who are most likely to take action.

Range Campaigns

Unselected „general interest“ email addresses acquired through communities and contests with double opt-in. These are large lists with a minimum reach of 300,000 readers up to several million readers.

The main results of the study are as follows: Premium standalones have an average click-through rate of 7.00% and an average open rate of 30.77%. In contrast, selection standalones have a click-through rate of 3.79% and an open rate of 23.37%. Range campaigns have achieved an average click-through rate of 2.53% and an open rate of 25.81%. The categories „Computer games“ (19.25% CTR), „Survey portals“ (10.42% CTR), and „Insurance and finance“ (8.22% CTR) have performed particularly well in the premium standalones. The „Software“ category did not perform as well, with a 2.03% CTR.

Clearly, there are differences in the performance of the various standalones (range, selection, and premium). The results clearly show that premium standalones with an average click-through rate of 7.00% perform the best. Particularly interesting is the fact that selection standalones with a 3.79% click-through rate only achieve almost half of the clicks of premium addresses. This is in stark contrast to the belief of many marketers that the more they select, the better the advertising effect will be. The conclusion for all marketers should be that demographic data should only be selected if absolutely necessary (e.g. for regional offers or offers to a very specific target group such as women over 55). Otherwise, it is more worthwhile to accept the scattering loss, as premium addresses are both cheaper and perform better.

The fact that a range campaign (average click-through rate of 2.53%) can never achieve the performance of a premium campaign is due to the nature of the lists. Large lists have a high scattering loss. However, they are still suitable for branding campaigns. The marketer just has to make sure that their advertising offer is really „general interest.“ Campaigns in the categories „Contests,“ „Lottery & Gambling,“ and „Telephony“ benefit particularly from range campaigns.

When it comes to advertising campaigns, it’s important to choose the right type of campaign for your product or service. It’s not enough to just run a broad campaign for categories like „Software“ or „Newspapers and Magazines“ as they can lose effectiveness due to their specificity. Instead, campaigns should be tailored to specific interests and reaction measurements.

One interesting category to consider is „Auto (Image Advertising)“. While the campaigns in this category typically focus on branding and introducing new models, their click-through rates are often lower than average due to the lack of a clear call to action in the creatives. However, these campaigns can still be effective as broad reach campaigns, as click-through rates don’t differ significantly between premium standalones and reach campaigns (2.55% for premium, 1.51% for reach). As a result, the cheaper cost per thousand impressions (TKP) of reach campaigns can make them a more favorable option.

Unfortunately, many marketers are increasingly requesting selection standalones or „cheap TKP addresses“. However, this isn’t always the best approach for a successful campaign, as this year’s study clearly demonstrated.

To find the right type of campaign for your product, consider the following questions before booking:

  1. Is my product or service interesting to both men and women, used in the private sector, requires no specific interests, and can be used by people between 18 and 50 years old? => Reach Campaign

  2. Is my product more interesting to women or men, requires a specific interest (e.g. hobbies or professions), and is not gender-neutral? => Premium Standalones

  3. Is my product exclusively interesting to people with specific demographic data (e.g. regional providers), or do I need to match existing email or mailing addresses? => Selection Standalones

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